Scholarships (currently being updated)

Over the years, community members have developed scholarships to support Los Rios Community College students. Each year these scholarships are presented at the annual Honrando a Nuestros Estudiantes. Below are the scholarships available for 2019. Please submit via individual scholarship applications.

Dreamer Scholarship – $250 | In 2014, the committee members fundraised it’s first scholarship to support UndocuScholar students. The first scholarship was awarded in 2015. Comunidad at Los Rios remains committed to supporting our UndocuScholar students.

Luis Raul Suarez Altamirano

Luis Raul Suarez Altamirano Scholarship – $500 | In 2015, the Castellon Family created the Luis Raul Altamirano Scholarship. Luis Raul was born March 5, 1989. His family’s journey led him to the United States, he was undocumented. Luis Raul had a love for education, yet it was difficult for him to achieve a higher education due to his citizenship status. On March 14, 2015 in Phoenix Arizona, Luis Raul was shot and killed by the police. He never achieved his dream of receiving a degree. As part of the families healing, the Luis Raul Altamirano scholarship was created to support students and their academic endeavors. This scholarship is dedicated to him and all the families affected by police violence.

Sarina Mendoza Ramirez Scholarship– $250 | In 2019, the first Sarina Mendoza Ramirez scholarship will be awarded. Sarina was instrumental in coordinating and supporting Honrando a Nuestros Estudiantes.

Sarina Mendoza Ramirez

Sarina was born on February 22, 1986 and was raised in Sacramento.  She is the eldest daughter of Franco and Esperanza Mendoza.  Sarina has two sisters, Erica Mendoza and Alexis Mendoza-Martin and a 5 month old nephew, Elias Martin.  In 2012, Sarina and Jesse Ramirez were married and in 2013 they were blessed with a son, Jesus Franco Ramirez who is now 5 years old and the love of her life.  Sarina was a kind and beautiful soul whose mere presence and dimpled-smile would brighten up any room.  She was sweet and had courage and determination that was beyond measure.  On October 22, 2018 she went to be with our Lord, passing away from complications due to cancer treatment. 

Sarina attended Laguna Creek High School and could have gone directly to a four year university but she chose to attend a community college to obtain her AA and Cosumnes River College was her choice!  While a student, she worked at district office, CRC, ARC, UCD law school and years later became a permanent Los Rios Community College district employee, working first at the Davis center and then in the student services office at CRC.  She was an artist, displaying and selling her work in local art galleries.  Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Dali and Jose Posada were amongst her favorite artists.  She participated in many cultural events and participated in community and college rallies and causes that benefited her raza and people of color.  Sarina volunteered in the community but her heart was in helping out the Make-a-Wish foundation, volunteering for anything she could and making photo albums after children with life-threatening illness were granted their wish.

Sarina, a third generation Mexican-American, had a tremendous love for her family, culture, art, music and a deep passion for higher education, especially for the Latino/Latina community and many underrepresented groups.  Since Sarina would serve as an example and role model not just for her two sisters and son, but also to many younger and older cousins, Sarina was determined to pave the path to higher education for them by her own accomplishments.  She lived by her motto “si se puede.”  She worked hard to beat the adversities, statistics and stereo-types that have hindered many people of color simply because of color and socioeconomics.  Her love of family, education and her perseverance helped her to accomplish her dreams. 

In 2009 as a CRC transfer student, Sarina received her Bachelors of Art degree from the University of California, Davis where she majored in Chicano/Chicana Studies.  Her passion for higher education was driven by the fact she was a third generation Chicana and would be the FIRST in her extended family to pursue a higher education and the first to graduate from a University.  Her success paved the path for her sisters. Her sister Erica received her BA and a Master of Social Work from Sacramento State University.  Then again when her youngest sister, Alexis, followed her foot steps to earn her BA in Chicano Studies from UC Davis. 

Although Sarina was afflicted with four different types of cancer she persevered.  She never let any adversities that life handed her define her.  She had faith so strong in Jesus Christ that was unbreakable and in His love is where she drew her strength.  Sarina went on to receive her Master’s degree in higher education while battling cancer, having a career, being a wife and mother – spending countless hours working on her thesis with her son sitting on her lap – as she completed her Masters in 2017!  She is a true example of living life to the fullest and the very definition of her motto, not just “si se puede” but “si se pudo!”